101 ways to live holistically in today’s world – Join the journey!

Can I be real?

I’ve been doing some thinking about whether or not I should scrap my modernholisticlife blog…

To be honest, I started to view my MHL blog like an old first love—meaningful, yet jejune in so many ways. You see, when I first started this blog I was in the beginning stages of becoming a nutritionist and figuring out what having a brand and business even meant. Lol…

My Modernholisticlife blog was part of an experimental process as a soon-to-be holistic nutritionist, which was beneficial and necessary in so many ways. But now that I’m actually in the field & consulting with clients, I find myself in a completely different place.

During these past 6 months, I’ve really grown and evolved as an entrepreneur and holistic health practitioner and, in turn, my business concept has evolved along with me (and thank goodness for that!) 😉

So, with the recent grand opening of my new consulting business—Organic Medizen—I thought about doing the obvious: scrapping modernholisticlife altogether. After all, I would be launching the new business website soon anyway…right?

Well, yeah,…it makes perfect sense..

BUT I couldn’t quite get myself to push the DELETE button.

And after going back and fourth on it a few times, a light bulb went off and it dawned on me:

It’s time for CHANGE with Modernholisticlife, and, better yet, it’s time for a CHALLENGE. I mean, really, what’s more exciting than a CHALLENGE, folks??

So, here’s what I came up with—I’m going to post 101 ways to live holistically in today’s modern world.

My blog will be linked up to my modernholisticlife IG account, under the hashtag #101holisticways <Get on this now.

Not sure what living holistically means?

That’s ok. I understand that there are many definitions to “holistic,” and the true meaning of this word often gets lost in translation.

When some people think of the word holistic, they think a woo-woo way of life, while others might define it as an educated way of life.

Here’s what it means to me:

Living a holistic life is synonymous with living a wise life. It means you live your life wholly, with awareness of the impact of your thoughts and actions. It’s a self-commitment to do things that serve your precious temple- from the nourishing foods you consume to your attitude and daily practices.

Living holistically is for anyone who seeks a natural way of life that fills them with confidence, greater awareness, strength, health and happiness.

I’m so stoked about this new project!

During these past few years I’ve learned and discovered various ways to live holistically in today’s fast-paced world. There was a time where I wondered if living holistically was even possible, but now that I’ve immersed myself into this way of living—I know it is totally possible. I’ll be covering everything from healing foods to performing therapeutic stretches at your desk.

The sky is the limit. And I can’t wait to share all of my holistic health knowledge with you.

My hope is that you follow me along this journey and put some of these holistic ways into practice! My purpose is tied to others, because I want nothing more then to see more people living fulfilling, healthy, magically awesome lives.

I encourage you to follow my blog and Instagram to keep up with the 101 posts, and—better yet—join me on this journey by getting involved. It’s one thing to read something totally awesome and feel inspired by it, but it’s another to convert wisdom into ACTION!

Are you ready to join me on this holistic adventure?

Ready. Set. Let’s go!


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  • Reply Tracie March 27, 2017 at 6:46 pm

    Hello beautiful soul, I’m so excited about the journey I’m on with you. I’m glad you are keeping your blog and linking it to your new business website. That’s a great compromise. I would love to know some sit at your desk stretches, I’m stuck here half a day sitting at my desk. See you Wednesday.


    • Reply Maritza Worthington April 11, 2017 at 11:08 pm

      Hi Tracie!

      Yes, this is a wonderful transformative time! Will post about those desk stretches soon. Keep kickin’ butt! -Maritza<3

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