#2: Believe in your body’s amazing ability to heal


So….Why all this talk about stress lately? And what does it have to do with holistic living?


Well, A LOT..


A naturopathic doctor and mentor of mine once said,

“stress from internalized emotion causes just as much cellular damage as stress from an acidic diet.” – Dr. Henele


Just think about what that means for a moment…


I was shocked when I first heard this because I realized the immense power that stress alone holds over our cells—just like certain foods we might ingest, the stress we internalize can have a similar acidic effect on the body (high acidity often leads to a whole range of health issues i.e cancer).


We basically consume and digest our feelings in the same way we do with food. The only difference is that stress is an invisible food that we take in, yet the effect is similar to that of eating a processed burger – too much will drain and deplete our cells.


Stress, and all of our emotions, influence our anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry…


Cells literally feel what you feel. I’ll give you an example: chronic stress & sadness leads to shoulder slumping and deficient oxygen levels which = less cellular energy production which then = fatigue & disease.


It’s really not a far-out concept when you think about it, though it’s one that’s discounted by conventional medicine.




Because stress is the invisible food we consume.


Innately, we know it exists. Even though scientists haven’t yet found a way to place a “stress sample” on a slide to view it under a microscope…which leads me to holistic teaching #2:


Believe in your body’s amazing ability to heal.


Your cells have an amazing, vital job: to produce energy (a.k.a ATP, life force, energia, prana, chi, etc.).


And YOU have the most important job of all—to be the boss of your beautiful body’s castle!


And since you dooo only get oneeee castle, you might as well be one BADASS boss.. lol…


So, how do you let your cell workers fulfill their mission, while still having them working FOR YOU like little loyal pawns on a chessboard…?


1. Give your cells an ideal environment to work in

By ideal environment do I mean give your lil’ workers sugar cookies, gummies, and soda? Heck no! They’re not your typical employee, easily impressed by sugar gimmicks..

These energy workers want NUTRIENTS from REAL FOOD because they perform best in a slightly alkaline environment.

*A body’s ideal environment is one that has a slightly alkaline (7.2-7.4) because alkalinity promotes the highest production of energy. (P.s If you are on my subscriber list, I’ll be sending you a list of the richest alkaline food sources).

 2. Manage your emotions

By managing your emotions do I mean to control your feelings? Not really. I’ve never been a fan of micromanaging… lol. However, I would encourage you to redirect that energy into these energy cultivating responses:

*Courage, acceptance of change, feelings of encouragement, a sense of accountability, positive internal dialogue, satisfaction, joy, authenticity, love, and believing in your body’s ability to heal.

All of these things combined lead to more efficient energy production in your cells’ mitochondria (energy powerhouse)! 🙂


Now do you realize how important your role is when it comes to health? Oftentimes, we are made to believe that illness & stress are unfortunate things that happen to us.

But I’m here to remind you that YOU play a key role in your own health & wellness. Your daily thoughts, actions, habits, and food choices do matter. Own this incredible power of yours and NEVER underestimate your body’s amazing capacity to heal!


Much love,




P.S Make sure to also take a look at this blog post to learn more about acid/alkaline balance + take a self-assessment.


P.P.S If you found this post helpful in any way, or have any questions, let me know in the comments below!! If you know someone who might find this information useful please share it with them 🙂

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