3 DIY frozen treats to beat the summer heat

Keeping hydrated is a high priority during these summer months, which is why fruity popsicles are a fresh and fun way to help meet your body’s needs!

Sure, you still need to drink loads of water during this time to stay adequately hydrated, but nothing beats the heat like a deliciously frozen treat. And to top it off, these DIY ice pops are naturally sweetened without any preservatives or unnecessary additives, which is ideal if you are looking out for your figure and keeping healthy this summer (which I know you are…). 😉

So I’ve decided to list my top favorite ‘healthy popsicle’ recipes, inspired from the ACHS website, so feel free to pick your favorite amongst the bunch, or try all of ’em before summer ends!

Blueberry Basil Ice Pops:


•Sweet, Organic Blueberries, 2 cups

•Greek yogurt, 2 cups (or try it with full fat coconut milk)

•5 basil leaves

•a pinch of sea salt

•Optional ingredient: honey

Strawberry Basil Ice pops:

(similar to above)


•Sweet, Organic strawberries, 2 cups

•Greek yogurt, 2 cups (or full fat coconut milk)

•5 basil leaves

•a pinch of sea salt

•Optional ingredient: honey

Mango Cayenne Ice Pops

 •sweet, ripened mango, 2 cups

•orange, 1

•lime, 1

•cayenne, 1/2 tsp

•a pinch of sea salt


»Mix all of the popsicle ingredients in a high-speed blender. (I used the NutriBullet blender).

»Make sure to taste the contents before placing the mixture in popsicle molds (that way you can assess the taste prior to freezing). Then, fill your ice pop molds up with the contents, and let it freeze for a couple of hours.

Enjoy!! And if you love healthy summer treats like these, make sure to like and share this post on social media. 🙂

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