5 incredibly easy ways to add flair to your avocado toast.

Truth be told… the ‘Toast Trend’ is totally titillating to the tastebuds.

It’s no wonder why there’s been so much media fuss about it; plus it’s great because of its simplicity, which accounts for those times that you’re in a hurry and in need of a quick feed.

The other day I discovered a few lonely avocados laying around, and thought I’d get creative by whipping up some combinations that would surely complement the avocado toast. In the end, I came up with the Fab 5 variations listed below. Feel free to pick and choose your favorite(s), and note that I’ve included the calorie/macronutrient content in case you’re keeping track of your intake..

A Few Avocado Facts First:

Avocado is considered a “healthy fat’ with 22g of fat in just one avocado alone. And just so you know, there’s nothing wrong with including a little avocado in your diet, so long as it’s not taken to excess. The recommended dose is actually about 2 tbsp/nearly half an avocado (I know, I know…I wish it was more too). So basically, within moderation, and a well-balanced diet, the omega 3 fatty acids found in avocado can actually lower the risk of heart disease, improve blood levels of LDL, and lower levels of oxidative stress in the bloodstream. √√√

So just remember this: whether you’re at home or at work, when in doubt – whip up some avocado toast. 🙂

avo toast close up


Macronutrient Profile of Staple Ingredients: 

»Avocado (1)- 232 calories/ Macros – 11g carb, 3g protein, 20.9g fat

»Hummus (1 tbsp.) – 27 calories/ Macros – 1.3g fat, 3g carb, 0protein

»Sun dried tomato (3 pieces) – 45calories/ Macros – 5g carb, 1g protein, 2.5 g fat.

»Pine nuts (2 tbsp) – 190 calories/ Macros – 7g fat, 4.5g carb, 2g protein

»Edamame (2 tbsp) – 30 calories/ Marcros – 2.2g carb, 2.6g protein, 1.4g fat

The Fab 5 Featured Variations: 

Avocado + Edamame

»Avocado spread


»Sliced Carrot

»Honey Mustard sauce: mix 1 tbsp. of raw & unfiltered honey with Dijon Mustard (this sauce complements the rest of the ingredients + flavor)

 »Wasabi peas + Okra pickle on top

Avocado + Cactus (Nopales)

»Avocado spread

»Nopales (boiled)

»Fresh tomato + cilantro

»Add a bit of lime

Avocado + Smoked Salmon

»Avocado spread

»Smoked salmon

»Purple onion (finely chop)

»Green olives (or capers)

»Garnish with fresh dill + pepper

»Optional: feta

Avocado + Sun dried tomato

»Hummus spread

»Avocado spread

»Sun dried tomato

Avocado + Pine Nuts

»Avocado spread

»Optional: Hummus spread


»Pine nuts

Personally, they’re all good (ha!), but I know every tastebud has its taste… 😉

avo toast 1

ModernHolisticLife Disclosure Statement:

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  • Reply Valentina May 13, 2016 at 4:12 pm

    Yummy ideas Maritza! I’m going to definitely try the one with Sun Dried Tomato and the one with Pine Nuts 🙂 Thanks!

    • Reply Maritza Worthington May 21, 2016 at 4:22 pm

      haha I can see why you’re drawn to that one! Will probably be good with some arugula on top too 😉

  • Reply 3 Savory Springtime Snacks Rich in Plant-based Protein | Modern Holistic Life June 1, 2016 at 2:36 am

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