#7: 3 Surprising benefits of dry skin brushing (along with how-to tips)

Is dry skin brushing part of your wellness repertoire? Maybe you’ve skimmed or passed by these thick-bristled brushes at your local health food store without much thought, awareness or care! Or maybeee you’ve heard something about the wonders of dry skin brushing at some point… sometime, somewhere…


To be honest, I initially had NO CLUE what dry skin brushing even was until I started hearing about it in conversation, holistic articles and textbooks. Before then, I would’ve thought it was an exotic loofah of some sort based solely on its appearance and bath aisle location.

*FYI, in case you were wondering, you shouldn’t wet a DRY skin brush if you plan on using it for dry skin brushing. Hence the name…DRY skin brush… 😉


So, after learning a lot more about the benefits of dry skin brushing, I decided to finally give it an honest shot… And NOW, I can hardly live without the thing! Lol


As a matter of fact, I’m currently using the BASS dry skin brush (I got it for $22.00 at Sprouts). I FULLY support this brand because all of the bristles are plant-based and natural (it derives from agave), the wood is 100% bamboo (the most sustainable wood on the planet), and the bamboo handle is detachable (practical AF).


It’s always a good idea to add in the dry skin brush if you’re looking to improve your healthy lifestyle or are going through a detoxification process. I’ve noticed that I tend to detox a lot through my skin, so dry skin brushing is a healthy way to help the body eliminate toxins and get the lymphatic system moving! Plus, my skin feels ohh so silky smooth after a dry skin brush sesh…oooh yeah!


Here are 3 Surprising facts/benefits of dry skin brushing:


  1. Historically, It appears that Russians and Scandinavians have used dry brushing for centuries! More than 30 years ago, a Finnish doctor by the name of Paavo Airola prescribed this technique for his patients to detoxify, exfoliate and stimulate the skin. Isn’t that interesting? Good thing dry skin brushes don’t need a prescription these days…


  1. Aesthetically, It stimulates the sweat and oil glands, which decrease production with age. It’s also good for stimulating the connective tissue and collagen of the skin, helping maintain the skin’s elasticity and youth. Hellooo gorgeous!


  1. Physiologically, It stimulates the lymphatic system (because unlike blood, the lymph does not have its own pump, so it relies on muscle movement and manual stimulation via massage/brushing), which helps with the elimination of toxins, redistributes fatty deposits, and might even help break up areas of cellulite. Can I get an amen!?


Dry Skin brushing Beauty Tips:


  1. Take your brush and start in small circles (upward) brushing all over the body.
  2. Begin at the bottom of your feet and work towards the heart to stimulate venous circulation. DO Brush the soles of the feet.
  3. Do not brush the face or any inflamed areas. However, if you do tend to detox through the face (like I do), I recommend purchasing the BASS facial brush for a lighter touch.
  4. Dry skin brush at least once a day for best results. Sometimes I even like to include skin brushing as part of my Sleep like a goddess, bedtime ritual
  5. If you wish, follow your dry skin brushing with a simple hydrotherapy technique: a shower that alternates between hot and cold to further stimulate circulation. I love this!
  6. Follow your dry skin brushing habit with a salt rub (1/2 cup of sea salt or Epsom salt + olive oil/sweet almond oil) + a few essential oil drops.  Aaaaaah!


Modern Holistic Challenge:

Treat yourself to a dry skin brush/facial brush next time you find yourself roaming through your local health food store. Or, if you already have a dry skin brush, put it to use! Now is the time to shine. Give your skin some extra tender, lovin’ care this week by focusing on hydrating foods and activities that nourish your skin.

Yes, you deserve it, and NO it’s not selfish. IT’S absolutely NECESSARY. You’ll be surprised at how good your skin will feel after just a few dry skin brushing sessions. Dare to shed your old skin, and welcome the new and renewed you..;)

Much love,


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