#8: Savor this summertime sangria with hidden healing benefits.

You can enjoy life and still be healthy at the same time…

I decided to prepare a summertime sangria that bends the rules a bit, without entirely compromising your gut health. After all, it is summer and I’m feeling a little more indulgent than usual (and that might have something to do with the Hawaii trip I’m going on soon).

Sooo if you’re anything like me, you’ll appreciate this holistic, outside-the-box recipe that still manages to carefully stay within healthy parameters. That’s right, this sangria is thee perfect refreshment to bring to BBQs or house parties, because it’ll give your friends the impression that you’re still up for a good time, even if you are doing the whole healthy, clean eating thing…

What are the hidden healing benefits contained in this sangria? Check out this list. 

  1. By using both plum, peach & organic (nitrite/sulfite free) red wine, I’ve included a high amount of polyphenols within this sangria recipe. Polyphenols essentially act as PREBIOTICS for your gut bacteria which help with feeding and shifting your gut’s bacterial population. Just in case you didn’t know, probiotics carry a symbiotic relationship with prebiotics (a.k.a polyphenol-rich foods) and this interaction will ultimately determine the success of your probiotics.
  2.  By including two 8 oz. bottles of kombucha, I’ve added a healthy dose of ferments to the sangria. Eating fermented or probiotic-rich foods is an age-old secret to protecting health, controlling inflammation and improving digestion; and once this lactic acid (probiotic) bacteria is consumed, your gut ecology will begin to lean towards the healthier side.
  3. By including peaches to the sangria, the production of cytokines (responsible for causing inflammation/bloating) is halted and the histamine-release response is also suppressed. Not to mention, peaches might help offset constipation and motility issues that are typically linked to drinking alcoholic beverages.

And before I proceed to give you this delicious sangria recipe, please note that there is such a thing as tooo much of a good thing. In other words, enjoy IN MODERATION and please drink responsibly. 🙂 *FYI, for a non-alcoholic option, you can also swap the wine with a juice alternative instead (i.e pomegranate or cranberry).


Summertime Sangria Ingredients:

1 cup of raspberries

2 peaches

1-2 plums

2 tbsp grated ginger knob

2 limes

2 pints of kombucha (Health-Ade Kombucha Original flavor/ Ginger lemon flavor)

1 bottle of ORGANIC wine (Pacific Redwood, Organic Red)

Optional: 2-3 tbsp of raw honey


Instructions: Chop the fruit into large chunks, omitting seeds and pits. Combine all ingredients into a large pitcher. P.s For a more bubbly sangria, wait to mix in the kombucha when ready to serve. Enjoy!



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Disclaimer: This sangria recipe might not be suitable for everyone. If you have any health concerns or sensitivities, please consult with a health practitioner or primary doctor first.


ModernHolisticLife Disclosure Statement:

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