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The initial spark that led me to explore wellness actually began during the recovery phase of a major, life-threatening event—about six years ago. In my early 20’s I had a specialist tell me that my kidney was on the verge of bursting. Yes, bursting – and I’m not being dramatic or hyperbolic either. She literally said, “Your kidney can explode if you don’t have surgery within the next 24 hours…” In case you’re curious, the diagnosis is hydronephrosis and it resulted from a ureter blockage (caused by a major vein) that had affected my horseshoe kidney from filtering properly. Oh, and yeah,.. I discovered the whole ‘horseshoe kidney’ thing at the same time too, but don’t worry I’m not the only one – apparently Mel Gibson has a fused kidney as well, which somehow makes it all the more surmountable (flashback to Braveheart- “it’s all for nothing if you don’t have freeeeeedom!”).

But in all seriousness, when the specialist told me about the possibility of a kidney irruption, I found myself in a state of shock and disbelief as I tried to process my current reality and prepare for what was to come. Little did I know, it would take me nearly a year to fully recover and resume my life again.

The entire experience taught me that sometimes one’s darkest moments and greatest feats can serve to illuminate a path of purpose. I firmly believe that when something so unexpected presents itself, change is no longer a matter of question, but rather an urgent solution. It was the recovery phase that followed my surgery, which ultimately led me to explore wellness, foods and “alternative” practices as cures.

During my recovery, I made a personal contract with myself as I vowed to get well and help others do so too. I set out to get my National Association of Sports Medicine certification and read several books on my outdoor lawn about anatomy, wellness, and even poetry. To this day I believe my healing was a combination of modern medicine and holistic practices i.e. meditation, grounding, and clean eating.

After several months of healing and studying, I became a personal trainer at a private training studio where I helped several clients attain their goals of weight loss and wellness with customized fitness plans and clean eating recommendations. I  was even featured on one of my client’s podcasts about Health and Fitness and Your Career: http://johnandjerryshow.com/2013/05/13/health-and-fitness-and-your-career/

Then, after graduating from Cal State University of Los Angeles with a B.A in English, I took up several jobs that involved teaching, mentoring, writing and publicity. All of which, gave me the necessary skills to create and build this website. 🙂

Today, my Holistic Nutrition education continues as I have been expanding my health & wellness knowledge with programs accredited by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. This is so important to me because I understand how confusing it can be to have to filter through the hype and quackery to get to the bottom of what is, in fact, “healthy.” Moreover, it’s important to select a lifestyle that resonates with you and your beliefs. (Read more about my food mantra below).

I enjoy writing about a range of topics that are all related to holistic wellness, covering anything from recipes to lifestyle – and all things that pertain to the modern-day, on-the-go woman. In today’s fast paced world, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the daily workplace routine and then, before you know it, you’ve lost sight of your health, happiness, and sense of purpose. But it doesn’t have to be this way. My hope is that as you follow my journey I am able to inspire and motivate you in some way because in all honesty it’s never too late to start making healthy, wholesome choices for yourself and the environment.

“The groundwork of all happiness is good health”- Leigh Hunt

My Food Mantra

  • Eating “real” food that is mostly plant-based because I believe in food that is closest to its natural, purest state, which is why I encourage fruits and vegetables that are organic or locally grown.
  • Nutrient dense foods that combat illness by nourishing, energizing and curing the body of toxins and free radicals.
  • Food that is environmentally health-conscious because your food choices do matter.
  • Food that reduces the consumption of meat for health reasons.   
  • Balanced foods that promote weight loss or weight maintenance, while fulfilling macronutrient requirements.
  • Foods with a touch of latin spice because let’s face it I’m Latina and proud of it! Plus, a little spice is always kinda nice, don’t you think?
  • Food that is minimalist. I’ve found that simple is best which is why most of my ingredients can be found at your local grocery store or farmer’s market.
  • Food that is easy to prep because in today’s busy world timing is everything.

 Living Holistically 

Living holistically means: seeking creative ways to incorporate quality, wholesome foods into a balanced diet; using natural remedies as a preventative method against ailments and disease; striving to inspire and empower oneself and, in turn, empower and inspire others; seeking to educate oneself on the latest health science trends and data; looking to develop healthy habits that promote wellness; searching for wellness in every sense of the word- physically, emotionally, spiritually. ModernHolisticLife.com is here to help guide, encourage and strengthen you along your journey to health & wellness – no matter where you might find yourself. So cheers to you and your well-being. 🙂

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