How does your lifestyle rank on the acid-alkaline scale?

Is your water alkaline? Do you own one of those fancy alkaline water machines? How about your food…is that alkaline too?

Alkaline is a hawt buzzword these days with the public’s growing interest for alkaline water, alkaline foods, alkaline supplements, and even alkaline pet foods.

Thinking about this from a holistic nutrition perspective, I can say that I completely understand the alkaline intrigue because I’m aware of the amazing benefits that can come from eating foods that work to heal our anatomy (though I’d caution against obsessing over needing alkaline-everything).

The bottom line is – before you think about spending thousands of dollars to increase the alkalinity of your water, I suggest looking into how to develop a healthy acid-alkaline balance through food and lifestyle first.

I’ll get back to how lifestyle influences alkalinity in a moment, but first let me explain how it is that acidity accumulates in the body… 

According to Dr. Haas, MD and Dr. Vasey ND, high levels of acidity can manifest in the body in the form of inflammation, premature aging and disease, especially if the body does not succeed in fully rebalancing itself. This can occur if accumulated acids remain in our connective tissues without being properly eliminated, thus risking possible re-entry into the body.

The good news is that your body – being the amazing anatomical machine that it is – will do everything possible to restore itself to an ideal alkaline state (7.3 pH). But, just like a friend in need, your body needs guidance from time to time. So, how can you tell your body is in need of assistance? Well…

If you’re noticing joint pain, digestive upset, sluggishness, and lack of energy, these are SIGNS that a dietary/lifestyle change needs to be made before these symptoms become long-term problems.

Human beings are creatures of habit, we can easily get used to feeling mediocre and shitty (sometimes without even realizing it!), but eating foods that promote healing can be a great way to reset the body from a pattern that has become stagnating.

Bottom line is: daily choices have a powerful influence over your acid-alkaline balance.

Take the Self-Assessment to find out how your activity ranks on the acid-alkaline scale

The self-assessment below describes the extremes of acidifying and alkalizing behavior. I suggest grabbing a sheet of paper and writing this chart down (or you can simply print out this page). Then, check off the activities that pertain to you, while writing down the amount of time you spend on X activity.

For example: – sedentary lifestyle (8 hours sitting at work)/+ active lifestyle (stretching in the morning 10 mins/ stretching at my desk for 10 mins/1 hour workout) √

(p.s working out for an hour, stretching 10-20 mins, and walking throughout the day counteract the acidic effects 0f sitting for several hours.)

Do this for each activity and see if you are performing enough alkalizing activities to counteract the acidifying ones!!! This is a great way to gauge how alkalizing your lifestyle is at the moment.

Acid:Alkaline chart


*And if you want to this assessment a step further, try creating a journal in which you track your daily activities, emotions, time spent indoors/outdoors for an ENTIRE week, if not longer. (Put a for each acidifying activity and a + for each alkalizing activity and see if your acidifying activities are outweighing the alkalizing ones, or vice versa).

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