My bedtime ritual reveal…

If you just read my last post about how to Sleep like a goddess, I hope you were motivated to make both small and big shifts towards more restful, quality sleep!

And whether you’ve done 1 or 5 things differently to improve your sleep by now, give yourself a loving, heck-yessss pat on the back! It takes time and commitment to get a good evening routine going, but STICK WITH IT and keep on fine-tuning & improving until it feels just right.

You deserve the best beauty sleep of your life, remember that. Heck, for some women out there, it might be the only “me time” you get allllll day…which is all the more reason to keep up with the celestial sleep ritual.

So for today’s post I simply want to reveal what my bedtime ritual looks like currently.

My hope is that by sharing my own ritual with you, you’ll feel even more inspired to create or add-on to your own sacred sleep ritual… =)


My Celestial Sleep essentials:


1. Facial oil from Skinny & Co. (contains cold pressed coconut oil, lavender + chamomile ingredients). I like to lather this on after cleansing my face before bed. This product contains high quality natural ingredients that are moisturizing & soothing (my skin is prone to dryness). Plus, it smells like a field of dreamy flowers. It’s like wearing perfume to bed, but better. Sometimes I even spritz some rose water on my face and neck if I notice that my skin is particularly dehydrated or irritated.


2. A cup of herbal tea (a concoction of relaxing, sedating herbs). I LOVE drinking something warm n’ cozy before bed. It sets a relaxed tone and gets me in my zen mode. Plus, it helps soothe my digestion and settle my stomach before bed (something that is easier to do when beauty sleep foods are included; I mentioned these in the Sleep like a Goddess post).

I really enjoy the feeling of my eye lids getting heavier and heavier as the herbs begin to work their magic. Typically i’ll mix a bit of raw honey with tea, or i’ll make myself an herbal latte. My favorites are Bouquet of dreams and Serenity from my Earth Goddess Line, of course. 🙂



3. Palo Santo smudge stick. Lately I’ve been on a palo santo kick. I tend to enjoy woodsy type scents because I find them relaxing and associate good memories to them. I find palo santo unique because it originates from a mystical tree that grows in South America; many regard it as a “holy wood,” which is why it’s been traditionally used in many different religious ceremonies.

It’s scent is related to the myrrh and frankincense family, but it’s also part citrus, giving it a subtle hint of sweetness. Personally, I like to have palo santo burning while reading a book or coming down from a long day.


4. Amethyst crystal on my bedside. Amethyst crystal is one of the greatest healing stones because it is so incredibly grounding. It produces naturally occurring magnetic fields, and proponents believe that amethyst crystal interacts and exchanges energy with the human body. I am a firm believer in the therapeutic power of amethyst crystal.

Plus, it just makes me feel better knowing that I have amethyst crystal on my nightstand, rather than my cellphone (or any other device for that matter).


5. A hardcover book or meditation audio. About an hour before I fall asleep, I completely turn off my laptop. Then, I put my cell on airplane mode and place it at a reasonable enough distance. I actually feel a tremendous amount of relief after doing this. Once all electronics are OFF that means no more checking emails, no more Facebook/insta scrolling, and definitely no more working. And voila, with just the push of a few buttons….my energy immediately shifts into ahhh mode.

Right about then i’ll crack open a book, meditate, or listen to a bit of audio. The last thing I recently listened to was the You are a Badass audiobook by Jen Sincero. It was light-hearted, funny and up-lifting. Everything I look for during my sacred hour.


6. Other sleep essentials: collagen eye mask, herbal foot soak (there’s something magical about soaking your feet), inhaling eucalyptus oil infused steam, cold cucumbers or tea bags on eyelids, a few drops of lavender or rose essential oil on cotton balls (to place in pillowcase), gratitude journaling.


Hope this helps sleeping beauties! xo

Much love,



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